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Ava Holtzman (b. 2000, USA) is a curator, photographer, and multimedia artist in the Department of Photography at The Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague.

She has worked extensively in print publications, digital media and contemporary art installation, and exhibition curation across the US and Europe. Her work spans interactive installation, photographic print, fashion design, and Net Art, with common themes of Posthumanist theory and cyber-sociology.


Inspired by cyborg theory such as that in the writings of feminist theorist Donna Haraway, Holtzman aims to explore and test boundaries between human and machine; online and offline identity. Her works reflect the sentiments of a new wave of digital artists, where technology simultaneously disembodies and connects us.


She is interested in merging visual sociology and activism alongside experimental imagery, and aims to focus on curating inclusive and accessible spaces within the contemporary art landscape.


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Instagram | @thephotodork




2020—CURRENT  FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, BA Photography and Intermedia, Prague CZ

2022  NODE Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin DE 

2019—2020  The Open University, Sociology Preparatory Course, Milton Keynes UK


2022-CURRENT  Curatorial team, Galerie Panel, Prague CZ

2023  Head Curator, Complex, Gabriel Loci, Prague CZ

2022  Head Curator, Between Anywhere and Nowhere, OFF Festival of Contemporary Photography, Bratislava SL

2021  Primary Unit Stills Photographer, “A Camping Trip” Dir. I-Ju Lin, Prague CZ

2020  Production Manager, Emerald Magazine, New York City USA
2019—2020  Photojournalism Intern, Hot Press Magazine, Dublin IE


2022  Artomata (Group exhibition), Tibet Open House, Prague CZ

2022  Emotional Damage (Group exhibition), A[v]oid Floating Galerie, Prague CZ

2022  Cornucopia (Group exhibition), Galerie AMU, Prague CZ

2021  The Hour Between Dog and Wolf (Group exhibition), Galerie AMU, Prague CZ

2021  Confluence (Group exhibition), Galerie AMU, Prague CZ

2020  Hot Press Magazine, Dublin, Ireland

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